After years of booking NYT bestselling authors on TV and radio,
I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
You can book radio & TV interviews, reach hundreds of thousands of people and 
build instant credibility...
WITHOUT spending thousands on a publicist.


WITHOUT spending thousands on a publicist.

The past decade has ushered us into a new era in publishing.  
Well over a million books a year are now being published, non-traditionally. 
 So, why should the publicity game stay in the dark ages? 
 Why should a few select people—like me (a publicist)—hold the keys to the publicity kingdom? 
 We shouldn't.

And while I don't have the time to help a million of you ... I do have the tools

And I'm going to give them to you.
  • Email templates to help you craft the perfect pitch. The same emails that I've used to book thousands of TV and radio shows over the past 15 years!
  • A 365-day news forecast with pitch prompts. You'll know what the media will be talking about weeks and months in advance! 
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group, where we'll post webinars, do livestreams and conduct Q & As with media and publishing pros!
  • An 'everything you need to know' guide to booking your own media in the form of our new e-book!
  • A three-part media training course produced by our Emmy-winning video production team of former television journalists!
  • Regular publicity tips and training via weekly emails!
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